Wolf Robe

Wolf Robe
bt Ken West

Wolf Robe is a Southern Cheyenne and is believed to be the one whose profile was used on the "Indian Head Nickel"  Although several different Indians were originally chosen, Wolf Robe is the one most likely used because of the striking resemblance.

The Cheyenne were divided into two groups, the Southern Cheyenne who were located along the upper Arkansas River and the Northern Cheyenne who were located at the headwaters of the Platt River.

In 1864 a group of peaceful Cheyenne were massacred by U.S. Military forces at Sand Creek, Colorado.  In 1876 the Cheyenne joined the Sioux and defeated Col. George Custer at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.  In 1877 the Cheyenne surrendered and were relocated to "Indian Territory: which is present day Oklahoma.

In 1990 the total number of Cheyenne descendants was about 11,000 many of whom still live on reservations in southwestern Oklahoma and southeastern Montana.

The original of this piece is available. This is a very large graphite painting and is absolutely beautiful.

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