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Pueblo Woman - Santa Clara Pueblo

Original Color Portrait painted from a photo by H.T. Cory, 1916

For more than three centuries - about A.D. 1250 to 1577 - this spectacular locale was home for over 1500 Pueblo Indians who built villages, dwelled, farmed, and hunted game here. In the Tewa language, the name Puye translates as "pueblo ruin where the rabbits assemble or meet." Ancestors of the Tano and Tewa peoples who live at, and are tribalmembers of, the Santa Clara Pueblo in northern New Mexico were the ancient Anasazi peoples. Their impressive ancient towns, with enormous quantities of broken or abandoned pottery, are found in hundreds of buildings -- 9 full-sized towns, once inhabited by 500,000 people -- at Chaco Canyon,, which is now a National park, and many smaller sites, as well as Canyon de Chelley at Four corners. Anasazi sites were deserted sometime around 1300 A.D., probably because of a long drought that began around 1100, making it impossible to live in this area by drylands farming. The people who moved away settled down in newly-built pueblos mostly along the northerly Rio Grande, and are thought also to be ancestors of the Hopi tribal people, who live on and around 3 mesas in central Arizona. They brought with them the pottery skills and arts which left behind all sorts of pieces in their former homes. But perhaps because of the survival crisis, the people lost around this time their former art of making certain types of glazed pottery. These ancient arts, methods, techniques, and sources of material have been and are being rediscovered by talented potters of the desert river valley.

This is a one of a kind "original" pen and ink/watercolor drawing by Western Artist Ken West. It has low price especially for an original work of a known artist. The picture is mounted on a double bevel, acid free Crescent mat and comes with a beautiful professional hardwood frame. Picture also comes with glass and backing ready to hang. Shipping and Insurance extra at $20. The matted picture is an 11x14 and with frame it is 14x17, which is a perfect size for the wall or den. This is an excellent opportunity for collectors to get in on the very beginning of an offering and collect a series of beautiful work and actually own an "original" of a well known artist.

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