Chief Plenty Coups

Plenty Coups
by Ken West


Chief Plenty Coups was probably one of the most famous of the Crow Chiefs. His name is really a reflection of his high ranking in his tribe. For any brave to advance in status and especially become a Chief they were required to achieve a certain number of "Coups". There is no exact definition of a coup but usually meant to "touch" or discredit the enemy. It could be as minor as sneaking in and out of the enemies camp with an item, or stealing an enemies horse or even killing an enemy in battle. The more the coups one obtained the more the warrior was esteemed by the tribe. And of course "Plenty Coups" was the most recognized as achieving many coups.

This is an original and is being offered at $5000.  The work was taken from a photo circa the late 1800's. Plenty Coups is a very fine work showing excellent detail in the features and dress. The work is done on Strathmore acid free archival rag. The size 18 x 24 which is a large picture. The photo does not do true justice to the work but you can see the strength of tones and character in the face and detail in the dress.

Ken very seldom sells his originals and this is an excellent opportunity for you to collect an original work at a very nice price. He also very seldom sells through galleries in favor of selling direct to the collector so gallery commissions are never added to the price. Ken draws for the love of expression and not the sale.

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