This is a one of a kind "original" pen and ink drawing by Western Artist Ken West. The Indian is of the Assiniboin Tribe and is of a "Fool Dancer" who is taking a break and smoking his clay pipe. Members of this society were known as "contraries" who, during and after their dance, did everything in reverse, such as riding their horses backward or wearing their clothes backward or would even bathe after drying themselves. Assiniboin (they are known as Stonies in Canada). lived during their greatest prominence in the area west of Lake Winnipeg along the Assiniboin and Saskatchewan rivers, Canada. Their name is derived from the Ojibwa (Chippewa) tongue and means One Who Cooks with Stones. The Assiniboin were great buffalo hunters known for their trading of pemmican (preserved buffalo meat) for firearms and other European goods brought in by traders on the Hudson Bay and along the upper Missouri. The Assiniboin were divided into separate bands, each with its own chief and council. The bands moved their camps frequently in pursuit of the migrating buffalo; before the introduction of horses in the 18th century, they moved on foot and used dog-drawn travois. Women performed all work related to the lodges (teepees), including assembling and dismantling them. Prowess in war consisted of the taking of scalps and horses and of touching the enemy during battle. . In spite of their warrior tradition, the Assiniboin were exceptionally friendly with whites. The most significant religious ceremony was the sun dance, or medicine lodge dance. This rendering was painted from a photograph taken by Sumner W. Matteson, at Fort Belknap, Montana, 1906.

This is a one of a kind "original" pen and ink/watercolor drawing by Western Artist Ken West. It has low price especially for an original work of a known artist. The picture is mounted on a double bevel, acid free Crescent mat and comes with a beautiful professional hardwood frame. Picture also comes with glass and backing ready to hang. Shipping and Insurance extra at $20. The matted picture is an 11x14 and with frame it is 14x17, which is a perfect size for the wall or den. This is an excellent opportunity for collectors to get in on the very beginning of an offering and collect a series of beautiful work and actually own an "original" of a well known artist.

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