Chief Kicking Bear

Kicking Bear
by Ken West

Chief Kicking Bear "The Ghost Dancer" was born an Oglala Sioux, circa 1850, and became a band chief of the Minneconjou by marriage to Woodpecker Woman, daughter of Chief Big Foot. Although not intentionally, Kicking Bear was probably most responsible for the imfamous Wounded Knee Massacre. He had taught the Ghost Dance to his people, and it was just after Christmas 1890 when Chief Big Foot along with a few braves and a couple hundred women and children were being held at a camp along side Wounded Knee Creek. A shot rang out and over 200 women, children, some elderly and a few braves were massacred in the snow. Thus occurred the worst cold-blooded massacre in U.S. history. A full biographical page comes with this Limited Edition.

This limited edition print is being offered at $200. A Certificate Of Authenticity is furnished with each Print.This is a very large print at 20 by 26 inches and the actual image size is 18 by 22. The printer was Specialty Reproductions of Salt Lake City and it is done on high quality acid free archival paper. Your print is re-signed and numbered by the artist giving it immediate collector's value beyond the purchase price.

Ken very seldom sells through galleries in favor of selling direct to the collector so gallery commissions are never added to the price. Ken draws for the love of expression and not the sale.

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